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About Us

SMW Fashion is a 100% black owned African-inspired womenswear brand, featuring fierce pieces with vibrant prints and bold pattern.

Founded by Liberian Fashion Entrepreneur, Savannah Webb, SMW Fashion is dedicated to creating versatile, high-quality, and luxury pieces that highlight the lively colors and beautiful patterns of the African continent.

At SMW Fashion, we aim to inspire confidence, femininity and body positivity. We believe every woman is a goddess waiting to unleash her inner essence so she can become the unstoppable beings she has always been. To fulfil this goal and with you in mind, we create head-turning attainable luxury meticulously handcrafted pieces to be treasured for a lifetime.
Through our modern African-inspired attire, our mission is to empower you to embrace your uniqueness and find your individuality through big, bold, and colorful prints

We firmly believe that every woman deserves to feel unstoppable inside and outside. With our electric array of patterns, fierce designs, and clothing options, we are delighted to help you channel your inner essence. We want you to walk into a room where you don't have to say anything because your outfit has already introduced you.

Effortlessly elegant, irresistibly you. Let your style do the talking.

* Innovative & High-Quality
* Customer Centered
* Create value within the community.